Do consumers trust your website?

Consumer trust is something every business strives to gain, but is your website preventing visitors from trusting your business? The easiest way to understand why a visitor may not trust your website is to think of your website as a storefront. There are two distinct aspects that someone will consider when determining the trust they have of a storefront, (1) the location and (2) the look. Now how does this apply to your website? Let’s break down the above in reference to your website.

Make Me Modern


To start, we’ll go over location. Similar to physical stores, your website’s location matters to a user. This location is where your website ranks on a search engine for any given term. Ranking high on a search engine is equivalent to having a storefront in a prime location. Your website gets more traffic from having more eyes on it, and customers believe your business is an authority in its space.

Make Me Modern


Now the look of your website matters as much as your location. When a consumer ends up at a storefront that likes “sketchy,” they are less likely to trust what the business can deliver. This is the same as your website. If your website looks old, doesn’t work, or just plain looks “sketchy,” consumers are less likely to trust what you can deliver.

How do you go about getting the most trust out of your website visitors?

Have both! Have an up-to-date website that looks great and is ranking highly on search engines. This is the equivalent to having a storefront in a new prime location — a perfect location with a new building.