SSL Certificates

Secure your website and its visitors.

Not only does SSL increase consumer confidence in your website, but will help your website stay competitive. A study from Moz (a leading SEO researcher) shows that 50% of the websites on the first page of search results use SSL. This number is expected to increase. If you want to stay competitive then you need SSL.

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Are you protecting your visitors?

Secure your website with an SSL Certificate for $50/year

Increase customer confidence

Protect sensitive information

Increase search rankings

Display secure padlock icon

Google’s Security Team recently published this article, which explains how Google is slowly beginning to limit access to insecure websites in the form of a warning to your website’s visitors (screenshot below). This warning is daunting and could potentially deter visitors from continuing to your website. In order to secure your website we must encrypt all of the data that is coming to and going from your website’s server. We do this by installing an SSL Certificate. Below is a real world example of how an SSL Certificate works.

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Here is a real world example of how an SSL Certificate works.John Doe visits your website and fills out a contact form to inquire about your services. He enters his phone number and email address and submits the form, which transmits his personal information from his computer to your website’s server. Without an SSL Certificate, John’s data is not encrypted and vulnerable to anyone/anything that is “eavesdropping” on the transmission. With an SSL Certificate, John’s data will be encrypted. For example, John’s email address, will be transmitted as 6hvpxJXQMNEhLkZxgYLqWF thus mitigating any risks of John’s personal information being stolen.

HTTPS is faster + more secure than HTTP

These images show the loading time of the same website — one using HTTP and one using HTTPS. See for yourself.

knoxville website design
knoxville website design